So many people have asked what’s on the list! It’s the main reason I decided to post it publicly on a blog. I appreciate any & all suggestions on things to add or advice to push any of these goals to fruition!  Here it is in all its glory:




1.  Overcome my fear of flying (not cure – overcome!)
2.  Solo trip to New York City  ✓
3.  Cooper River Bridge Run  
✓ Read the Post!
4.  Run a sub-25 minute 5K
5.  Read 12 classic novels  
Read the Post / Make Suggestions!
6.  Complete the Whole30 Challenge 
✓ Read the Post!
7.  Start a vegetable and herb garden ✓
8.  Get a massage therapy membership ✓
9.  Find a therapist
10.  Solo trip to Chicago ✓
11.  Open an Etsy Shop ✓
12.  Sell an original piece
13.  Have an original piece displayed in a local business
14.  Get my first tattoo ✓
15.  Learn to drive a stick shift ✓
16.  Weigh less than 115 again
17.  Sing karaoke
(I have anxiety just typing “karaoke”)
18.  Try weed
(Yep, 29 and never tried it)
19.  Be a tourist in Boston
(Booked for October!) 
20.  Harry Potter World
(Also booked for October!) 
21.  Get a new passport / Book my next international trip
22.  Star Wars marathon ✓
23.  Join a book club
(maybe start a book club?)
24.  Piano lessons
25.  Start fostering pups in need ✓

Numbers 26 – 30 are either too personal to share with the internet or are still considered “alternates” (see end of post for potential alternates). I’m trying to save a couple of spaces for some things that happen on the fly.  For example, I really want to buy an old truck and had that on the list, but an opportunity to get a steal of a deal on a trip to Belize popped up and I’m considering that instead…

Now let me explain…

Because some of these goals could probably use a little context.

1. Overcome my fear of flying (not cure – overcome!)

There was a time in my life when I was A-OK with flying. I’m not really sure what happened between age 14 when I cheerily took my first flight to Ecuador in a lightning storm and age 21 when I considered staying in Europe the rest of my life because attempting to fly home meant certain death.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety. As a kid I’d stay up all night sitting next to my nightlight with a Dixie cup of water, because I thought surely the wall would catch on fire. In second grade, I choked on a hot dog and didn’t eat for weeks (seriously, weeks!) because I thought I would choke to death. Shout out to my dad for making all those milkshakes! 

Somehow in middle school I managed to forget about most of those things, but I was in an intense car accident my senior year of high school and it brought it all back. I guess I remembered the fragility of life and it was all downhill from there.

You can preach about the science, statistics, and logic that should cure my fear of flying but it won’t help. That isn’t how anxiety works, sorry! I will always feel like we’re about meet our maker every time the plane lurches. But, Ativan helps! God bless Ativan. 

2. Solo trip to New York City

I’ve been to NYC in the past (on a field trip, if that even counts). I didn’t think just checking it off the list would suffice, so I upgraded to a solo trip.

Flying solo, navigating the subway solo, not getting mugged, murdered, or abducted — it’s intimidating! But it was the perfect way to start out this list – I turned 29 in New York City all by myself and it was great.

3. Cooper River Bridge Run 

There was a time I could run a 6 minute mile and a 22 minute 5K. That time has passed. Way passed. It is the world’s tiniest speck in my rear view mirror.

The Bridge Run is a very “Charleston” experience. I’ve always wanted to participate but was afraid  that I couldn’t finish it with out walking. But I did it! Slowly.

I figured out a training plan in January and followed it until the race on April 1st.  I started with a slow and painful 2 mile jog and graduated to 6 miles with energy to spare in about 90 days. I shared it here on the post about the race

4. Run a sub-25 minute 5K

Again, something I’ve done before but not in the last 10+ years. For non-runners, this is just maintaining an 8 minute mile pace. It shouldn’t be that hard but for some reason, it really is for me these days.  I have a lot of work to do!

5. Read 12 Classic Novels

I like fiction. Deal with it. Here’s my list. Make a suggestion!

6. Complete the Whole30 Challenge

A lot of friends and coworkers did Whole30 and said it was life changing, so why not? I felt like a million bucks after my first round in March. If you want to know how much weight I lost, what I ate, and my other observations – read the post on my first round.

7. Start a vegetable and herb garden

I’ve always wanted a garden but didn’t have a space until recently. I bought a house in late 2015, it has raised beds and rainwater barrels so I have no excuse now! I didn’t get myself in gear by Spring 2016 but this year I’m committed.

8. Get a massage therapy membership

Because I have always always wanted one! And I never do anything like this for myself. Whenever someone has gifted me a massage, each masseuse has said something along the lines of, “Dear God! What is wrong with your back? It’s like you have bricks in it!” 😦

The membership aspect basically forces me go every month, and it’s wonderful.

9. Find a Therapist

See #1. My anxiety, among other things, often has a negative effect on my life. I kind of flubbed on titling this goal… it should read, “Figure out how in the hell to afford therapy.”

10. Solo trip to Chicago

Chicago is an awesome city that I’d never seen, and the flight was just over 2 hours (a little farther than NYC but still “close”). My plan is to work up to longer and longer flights. I did a lot of planning for this one and it made for an incredible trip. I’ll share the details in a post.

11. Open an Etsy Shop

I make a lot of things. I don’t show people, or half the time I decide I hate it halfway through and toss it. But generally, I have always felt I should at least make an attempt at selling some of the things I enjoy making. 

12. Sell an original piece

This may end up getting rolled up into “Open an Etsy Shop”, but I’d love to sell something by word of mouth or from the next goal ↓ I have given away pieces but never accepted money. I don’t know why.

13. Have an original piece displayed at a local business

I’ve had things displayed in gallery shows a few times, but never in a “this is for sale” situation. The neighborhood where I purchased my first home (and currently live) has amazing locally-owned restaurants and small shops and they are full of local art. At some point I will have to face my fear and ask to display something. It just can’t be while I’m on Whole30 though because I’ll probably need a few drinks first…

14. Get my first tattoo

Sorry Dad!

15. Learn to drive a stick shift

Because everyone should know how, and it will open up more options for my future pickup truck purchase.

16. Weigh less than 115 again

I got very close to reaching the mark with my first round of Whole30 in March! But a few weeks later my greatest companion and love of my life, Clyde, my sweet-natured rescue pittie, passed away from cancer. I ate and drank my feelings and gained it all back and then some. I’m not mad about the weight, it’s a part of grieving. Just means I need to do Whole30 again and get back on track.

*I’ve gotten a few negative responses to this one and rolled my eyes hard at each. I know my body and what is healthy for me. Focus on yourself, please:)

17. Sing karaoke

oh god.

18. Try weed

I’ve really never tried it! I’ve never even been that tempted to. It’s kinda stinky.

Now that it’s become so “mainstream” – in a legalized, organized type of way – I feel a bit more comfortable with the idea and want to see what the fuss is all about. If it could help cure my anxiety, that would make a huge difference in my life. Worth a shot.

Also, I will eat just about anything that comes in a gummy form. So there’s that.

19. Be a tourist in Boston

I’ve been to Boston a couple of times for work, but I never got to actually experience the city. My goal is to go in the fall because I LOVE AUTUMN LEAVES. Like, LOVE autumn leaves. I begin checking the Foliage Network charts in August. I kid you not.

I may replace Boston with another destination. I wasn’t sure how NYC or Chicago would pan out. Maybe I’d cry the entire time I was on the plane, or maybe even have to rent a car and drive the whole way home in defeat. I actually did AWESOME and didn’t shed a single in-flight tear. Again, #GodblessAtivan. So, with that said, I may go somewhere further… To be continued.

20. Harry Potter World

This baby is booked! See you this Halloween, Harry.

21. Get a new passport / Book my next international trip

I let my passport expire because obviously I wasn’t going anywhere with my crippling fear of flying. But, baby steps! I need suggestions for destinations! Ideally, I’d like to turn 30 abroad. Who has beautiful weather in late February?

22. Star Wars Marathon

I’ve seen the original trilogy (because, duh) and a couple of others.  I have not seen them in any sort of order, which is hella confusing.

Long story short, I quit going to see movies after the Aurora Shooting because my anxiety couldn’t let me enjoy it. Everyone saw the Star Wars movies in theaters so I had no one to watch them with when they were released for purchase. Also, movies are expensive…

Anyway, I think this series is an important thing to experience in the “right” way.  And I need some things on the list that don’t cost so damn much money!

23. Join a book club (maybe start a book club?)

I have tried twice this year to join a brand new book club, and neither have come to fruition. I think I might just have to start one myself. Hope you people like Jane Austen!

24. Piano lessons

So, I bought myself a keyboard as a birthday present when I turned 27 with all the best intentions of learning to play. Except, at the time I was Airbnb’ing out my guest room and didn’t want to  a) embarrass myself  or  b) annoy the crap out of my guests. I have also purchased online lessons off Groupon (for like $5) and let them expire…twice. Not this time!

25. Start fostering pups in need

This wasn’t on the original list because I couldn’t bear to put it in writing. Setting a goal to start fostering meant coming to terms with the fact that Clyde would no longer be with me during all this. I wasn’t really sure how long he had, but I knew he wouldn’t make it to my 30th. I’ve always wanted to foster but he loved being my one-and-only, and that sweet boy deserved to have every single thing he ever wanted.


As for alternates…got any suggestions?

These are a few I’m tossing around:

  • Learn to swim. I have taken lessons as a child AND adult and failed each time. Ugh! 
  • Buy a truck… ideally an ’88-’90 Ford F-250 Long bed. Red.    (((...all the feels.)))
  • Get a split! Or a headstand…
  • Start a business! This was a goal for last year. Whoops.

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