Hi! I’m Mindy. I’m trying to check 30 goals off my list before I turn 30 in February 2018.

I actually had no intention of blogging through it, but since sharing some of my experiences on Instagram and Facebook, a lot of people ask, “What’s on the list?” “What’s left?” “What have you already done?”… and when I’m put on the spot it’s really hard to rattle the lists off. It’s almost like I forget and end up staying something along the lines of, “um, like books and traveling and stuff…?” …I’m not great on the spot. And I also kind of hate talking about myself. Now I can just write them a note with the blog link and slink away. (I won’t really do that but I will probably tell you to read the blog.)

I did like the idea of a blog after giving it a bit more thought. I figure at some point, I’ll want to look back and remember these experiences and maybe share them with my offspring if I ever have them (or if dogs eventually learn to read). This is a little bit more permanent than a journal since I can store it in the cloud. I’m an old soul but some things about the digital age are mighty convenient.

Fun facts:

  • I live in Charleston, SC and have for seven years.
  • I’m from the Upstate of South Carolina, where my mother’s side of the family has been since before the Revolutionary War.
  • I’m not a redneck. Mostly.
  • I work in marketing for a software company in town.
  • I’m very much a dog person.
  • I wear hats.
  • You’ll probably learn a lot more about me if you read the explanation section of the list.

Thanks for stopping by!


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